The Zimmerman Telegram

April 1917

Had the British not discovered and decoded this secret German message sent to Mexican President, Venustiano Carranza, America may have stayed out of the war in Europe long enough to alter the story, if not the outcome of the Great War. 

As America debated on whether to remain neutral in the European conflict, many on both sides of the Atlantic clearly saw that America's entry into the war was the ONLY deciding factor in its outcome. So the Germans played their one last card. 


A full blown war between Mexico and the US would keep American troops away from Europe, freeing German U-Boats to obliterate any remaining provisioning channel of any kind of support. 

Felix Sommerfeld

One man held the key to to making the Kaiser's plan, if not successful, at least possible. His name is Felix Sommerfeld, a German Secret Agent who has gained the confidence of Mexico's and American highest financial, political and military authorities, including JP Getty, President Carranza and his mortal enemy Pancho Villa, and even President Woodrow Wilson.  

But he fell in love...

Maria B. Hernandez

While Felix may very well be Germany's best chance to win in Europe, Maria, a Mexican photographer with an explosive personality and an unrelenting grudge on the U.S. will stop at nothing to keep America out of the war. After a shaky and almost deadly start to their relationship, Felix and Maria become Germany's most destructive force in North America. But they soon discover that neither is immune to love or treason, and now they run for their lives, willing to sacrifice everything for love or country. 


Kaiser Wilheilm

Kaiser Wilheilm

Presidente Carranza

Presidente Carranza

Woodrow Wilson

Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa


Pancho Villa has recently crossed the border and attacked Columbus New Mexico; American troops are in hot pursuit inside Mexico. The Interventionist lobby puts pressure on Washington to take over the riotous southern neighbor; America's economic interests are at risk.  Besides, President Wilson's re-election campaign slogan had been, "I Kept Us Out Of TheWar.:"

Henry Lane Wilson.

Arthur Zimmerman

Inspired by the events and characters of Francisco Martin Moreno's best-selling novel "Mexico Secreto", An Enemy Affair delves into the facinating and largly ignored historical events surrounding America's entry in to the War in Europe in 1917.

This story is told through the eyes of two enemy spies who become partners, then lovers, each other's traitors and rescuers and then finally, in the case of one of them, the the other's executioner.

An Enemy Affair is a reflection of the implications America's entry into WW1 has had on our present day and on our attitude towards going to war on foreign lands. About how the motives to do so or not remain intact.


Historian, lawyer, novelist, columnist in numerous national and international publications, lecturer, PHD in Law Studies from the Mexican Academy of International Law, today, Francisco Martín Moreno is one of the most prominent thought leaders in Mexico, Best Selling novelist and, without a doubt, one of the most influential and controversial authors Mexico has ever produced.


Francisco Martin Moreno

Francisco Martin Moreno


I'm in the development stage of a film based on a Mexican Best Selling Novel by Francisco Martin Moreno.   The Author delves into little-known passages relating to the historical significance of the Zimmerman Telegram, which led the US to raise arms against the German Empire in 1917. The top-secret message sent by the Germans to Presidente Carranza, offering Texas, New Mexico and Arizona in return for an alliance against the US, sparked a worldwide fire. The erotic details of an intense love affair between a German spy and a Mexican woman round up the film.

Lalo Wakefield

Lalo Wakefield

The book. Mexico Secreto.

The book. Mexico Secreto.

Other Literary and Historic works by Francisco.

Mexico Gunned Down, Black Mexico, these are but a few of the action-packed, character driven Historical Novels written by Francisco Martín Moreno. They serve as the back-bone to a motion picture and TV mini-series content development opportunity to be consumed by Hispanics and Anglos alike on any viewing platform. All the stories are based on real life events and characters of historic proportions. Meticulously researched, many border on the erotic; yet they are all drenched in meticulous research and human passion that tends to make film history.

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