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Download this free Marketing e-book!

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Lalo is an incredibly creative person, very organized & focused. Makes working with him a real pleasure. Lalo is on the top of my favorite professional people in this crazy business.
— Gustavo Farias, CEO, Farias Productions LLC. July 29, 2011

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but that's because I do.  I started in Hispanic Marketing way back when the copywriter was the producer, the voice over talent and promotions coordinator. If you need any help, from developing the strategy to executing the creative, digital or traditional, social media, search or Voice Overs, in Spanish or English, call me!  713-851-1662.

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Lalo is quite an inspiration and a pleasure to work with. He has a sharp, restless mind always in search of what can make a scene better. He’s also very cool and a kind man. I’d love to work with Lalo again!
— Gustavo Garzon, Director, Cineconcepto America. July 28, 2011