Digital Convergence in the Multicultural Home

Hispanics most interested in multiplatform viewing devices.

As internet and broadband penetration approach saturation in much of the US audience, future growth will come from minority groups, like Hispanics. And research suggests multicultural audiences will be adopting new digital technologies throughout the living room, not just on the PC.
A Terra/comScore survey found that Hispanic internet users were more likely to both own and plan to buy several cutting-edge technologies. iPads and tablets topped the wish list, with 30% of Hispanics planning to buy one in 2011. Nearly one-fifth already owned one. This compares to 21% of non-Hispanics planning to buy one and 8% owning one. Internet-enabled TVs, ebook readers and 3-D TVs also garnered extra interest among Hispanics.

Hispanics were also more interested than the general market in a variety of digital media experiences, including watching major sports and entertainment events via live online streams or product demonstrations conducted on iPads, and were more likely to enjoy innovative marketing efforts on these channels.
A study by Horowitz Associates likewise found that multicultural consumers were more involved in cross-platform viewing experiences. Almost half of Hispanic respondents watched TV content online, compared with 35% of whites. In addition, 22% of Hispanics watched TV on a handheld device, vs. 15% of white respondents.
Hispanics are an especially attractive demographic segment for marketers. In a separate comScore study, Hispanics were found to have much more positive associations with advertising. They considered ads to be more enjoyable, entertaining and helpful than did non-Hispanics.


“What's especially interesting is that engagement with advertising has more to do with narrative elements and storytelling than it does with actually running the advertisement in Spanish,” noted Josh Chasin, chief research officer at comScore.
As for where they will eventually purchase those gadgets, Wal-Mart and Best Buy were nearly tied with 30% and 27% of Hispanics having shopped there, respectively, in the past year for electronics, according to Scarborough Research. Target came in third, visited by 16% of Hispanics, while RadioShack, Sears, Kmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club all ranged from 6% to 8%.

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